Professional heating system flushing service Glasgow.

One of the biggest problems in our industry is the lack of care taken when installing a new boiler with regards to system flushing . Putting a new boiler on a dirty system is asking for trouble and just doesn’t make much sense ! The main cause of boiler breakdowns in the UK is sludge and untreated system water , so putting  your new boiler on and pumping round the same water that finished off the last one isn’t a good idea (the manufacturer will agree !) .

Every boiler installed at MCG will be fitted with a magnetic system filter and the heating system will chemically cleaned and flushed before being treated with chemical inhibitor as a minimum to ensure the new boiler is protected and the system has clean water , meaning the boiler can work to its maximum performance and last as long as it should, however where required we can provide full powerflushing with new boiler installs or on an existing heating system. We also  provide water testing with our servicing to keep an eye on water quality and can offer advice and pro active solutions before sludge take  hold .